We are your source for all your medical supplies.

For Starters we offer the following medical supplies:


Wheelchairs (seating and cushions, standard manual & standard power w/ accessories)


Canes & crutches


Transport chairs

Power operated vehicles (scooters).                            

Diabetic supplies:

Diabetic Shoes,

Blood Glucose TEsting Supplies (strips & lancets, diabetic meter).

Other Supplies:

BP monitors, incontinence products (Commodes, Urinals, Bedpans), wound care supplies & surgical dressings, therapeutic stockings, support surfaces (patient beds w/ pressure reducing mattresses/overlays/pads), shower chairs, infrared heating pad systems, Orthoses (Off-the-shelf & Prefabricated), patient lifts, seat lift mechanisms.

On demand:

We also order more specialized medical supplies depending upon the patient’s needs.

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